Mobiles to go down the tube

For once perhaps Boris Johnston in his role of Mayor of London has actually done something or at least attempting to do something which could have a decisive benefit to the people of London. Getting involved in plans to put mobile phone antenna into the underground network in time for the 2012 Olympics. London would […]

R2D2 Style Holograms on Mobile?

I am sure you remember the scene from Star Wars where R2D2 delivers a holographic message from the Princess in trouble. Holographic technology is not exactly a brand new concept science has been working on it for a while. Just they have not really got any practical applications yet. However, Nokia and Intel have decided […]

Software Security market growth

With numerous security risks against everything from Apple’s iPhone to Windows 7. Combined with more increasingly sophisticated attacks such as the recent banking incidents has left the Software Security market in a strong position. Industry analysts Garner have concluded that the industry as a whole is to see a rise by 11.3% this year. Interestingly, […]