R2D2 Style Holograms on Mobile?

Star Wars Hologram I am sure you remember the scene from Star Wars where R2D2 delivers a holographic message from the Princess in trouble. Holographic technology is not exactly a brand new concept science has been working on it for a while. Just they have not really got any practical applications yet.

However, Nokia and Intel have decided enough is enough. It is time to bring 3D Graphics for  real to the world. The two companies have got together in an attempt to develop new techniques of delivering 3D Graphics with emphasis on the Mobile communication sector.

The two companies already been working jointly in the mobile sector, and have their own operating system available. They may use this a building block in developing the 3D technology further. They want to compete against Android and the iPhone with it.The joint research and development facility has been opened in collaboration with the University of Oulu in Finland and will employ several researchers. The university already has existing experience in graphics from 2D to 3D on a range of platforms so undoubtedly both companies will be looking to recruit from the local pool of experts.

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