UK Defense Secretary to ban medal of honour

Liam Fox For veterans of the wars that we have been in they would undoubtedly find it rather disturbing to hear that the UK Defense secretary has put out a call to ban Medal of Honour. Why then does Liam Fox wish to ban Medal of Honour?

Well, its actually the Game by EA that he wants to ban from retail. The game is based in the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, which is probably the true reason he wants to ban it. Hide our government’s involvement in the war from the people as much as possible.

His reasons for wishing it to be banned however are wholly unjustified and unsubstantiated: He is Disgusted by it, and thinks it is Un British to wish to buy a game which allows you to fight as one of the many British forces that were involved in the war. By extension we must also presume that the War of Afghanistan and Iraq are equally Un British.

Little does he know however, British forces do not even feature in the game.

His comments however have not been met with equality across the government. The department of culture has indicated it supports retailers over the game. The players should be the ones whom judge the game for its content not some old MP who hasn’t got a clue and hasn’t ever seen nor played said game.



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