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  • R2D2 Style Holograms on Mobile?

    I am sure you remember the scene from Star Wars where R2D2 delivers a holographic message from the Princess in trouble. Holographic technology is not exactly a brand new concept science has been working on it for a while. Just they have not really got any practical applications yet. However, Nokia and Intel have decided […]

  • Intel to be a software Vendor now?

    If it was April the 1st, I’d think Intel were playing a April fool’s joke on us. But according to my clock, this is nowhere near April and my computer seems to agree so I can only conclude¬† that the purchasing and investments people at Intel have had one or two too many. Intel have […]

  • Intel has a new competitor

    A new manufacturer of processors may soon be coming to the market. Although this wont have much impact for the general public. Smooth-Stone has secured the financial backing from a number of organizations including ARM the processor manufacturer which is used frequently in mobile applications such as iPad. Other investors to the company include a […]

  • Ultra-Fast Silicon Optical Network

    I was recently observing that Fiber to the Home trials are under way – its a good step albeit many years late. Today Intel have decided to show off their new toy for the networking sector. Silicon Optical Fiber its a system that uses the advantages of silicon production: cost and speed of production most […]