Intel has a new competitor

Image of a Processor A new manufacturer of processors may soon be coming to the market. Although this wont have much impact for the general public. Smooth-Stone has secured the financial backing from a number of organizations including ARM the processor manufacturer which is used frequently in mobile applications such as iPad. Other investors to the company include a subsidiary of AMD and Texas Instruments.

The market they are targeting is not really general pc market they are aiming their product at the server market, specifically towards Data Centres. The new processor is going to be a power friendly one with the general idea behind it being to reduce the mammoth power consumption of Data Centers. The backing of both ARM and AMD’s subsidery could herald a major shift in competition in the mobile and low energy processing market.

Larger data centers hosting thousands of servers, networking equipment and undoubtedly staff services such as kitchens and lighting use tremendous energy levels. Enough to power thousands of households in comparison.



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