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  • Julian Assange Arrested – Eyes shift to Watch Sweden

    <a href="http://www achat cialis france.whitebunnywabbit.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Flickr_JulianAssange-klein.jpg”>The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange has officially been arrested in the United Kingdom under an European Arrest Warrant issued by the Swedish authorities over sexual crimes. Assange has of course denied the allegations. The real question is how will the case play out, being now a high profile defendant, people […]

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction to be installed in South Korea

    Nuclear weapons have been in the limelight today in two major nuclear related developments. The Court of Appeal of the United Kingdom has ruled against war veterans exposed to nuclear weapon tests. The court found that the time frame had expired for the veterans to bring legal action against the Ministry of Defence for radiation exposure during tests which […]

  • Iran accepts Uranium delivery

    The state that has United Nations Security sanctions against it, European Union Sanctions against it and the general distrust of the entire world against it has an agreement with the Russians. The Russians are giving Iran 162 Nuclear Rods for their nuclear reactor which should be completely setup in two weeks ready for service. This […]

  • UK Ministers summoned to US Senate committe to answer charges

    The US Senators have in essence been trying to summon a duly democratically elected member of both the Scottish Parliament, and the Westminster Parliament to face charges of: Releaseing a Prisoner from a UK jail whom was found guilty in a UK Court, and banished from the UK by a UK Justice Minister. In what […]