Weapons of Mass Destruction to be installed in South Korea

Nuclear SymbolNuclear weapons have been in the limelight today in two major nuclear related developments.

The Court of Appeal of the United Kingdom has ruled against war veterans exposed to nuclear weapon tests. The court found that the time frame had expired for the veterans to bring legal action against the Ministry of Defence for radiation exposure during tests which they blame for their health conditions. It is a failure of justice.

Further to that, in response to North Korea having an uranium enrichment facility, South Korea has announced that it is open to the possibility of the United States installing Tactical Nuclear weapons in South Korea.

Once again the United States would be going down a direction that no one wants. Demilitarization of Nuclear warheads not expansion of their nuclear arsenal.

The Koreans however have played down the comments declaring that the idea of nuclear warheads being positioned in South Korea is a taboo subject matter.

The Guardian
BBC News

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