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British energy strategy: Go Wind, Water and Nuclear

British Energy Strategy is set for new Nuclear Power

EnergyOver at the department of energy and climate change, the government boys must be buzzing with shocking excitement. The new National Energy Policies have been laid down in front of parliament. The strategies which are looking to come into play seem to be quite promising for the UKs future energy supply. But not everyone is content with the proposals.

Gas and Oil Power

With green peace refusing to accept clean energy as a viable alternative to gas and oil, they will be pleased to hear that gas and oil power stations will be subjected to a carbon tax. This combined with plans to introduce carbon reclamation capabilities into these types of power stations to recycle and reduce emissions. The strategy sets out that the goal is a reduction in emmisions from the power industry in the region of about 36 % by 2020.

Green peace criticized this strategy and are proposing that we cover most of England with a humongous solar panel. Showing that Green peace really do not have an understanding how modern politics works nor how the energy requirements of a country need to be sustained in order for that country to operate an effective economy.

Nuclear Strategy

Recognizing that gas, oil and coal are finite resources, the government has looked to provide an energy policy which will see modern Britain with the energy to cope with a rising demand for energy. The plans are that the tax payer will not be funding the new nuclear reactors, and EDF Energy is seeking to construct five of them throughout the UK. The policy matches David Cameron’s statement that the existing policy is obsolete being written 30 years ago when the UK production of energy was excessive. It is a stark difference from countries like Germany, where they have opted to go nuclear free entirely producing energy from coal , oil and gas with a hint of sunshine.

Greenpeace have argued we have not learned our mistakes from Japan. With the Tsunami and earth quake strikes we get so frequently every…. actually come to think of it, have we ever been hit by a Tsunami in the UK? I guess the threat of a double natural disaster hitting our nuclear plans are rather low after all?

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy has made it into the policy as well, taxation of energy production will not apply to the renewable energy. However others are criticising the plan saying that the amount that would be generated by the strategy will fall far short of raising sufficient capital to replace our carbon emissions power systems with vast resources of renewable energy generation systems.

Not far enough for the consumer.

The proposals perhaps could have went further. In Sweden the energy policy has been proposed that at the consumer level, meters can be interpreted hourly. This allows for consumers to work out when to use high drain appliances more effectively ie during low cost periods of the day so they can reduce the amount they pay instead of getting hit by a huge bill because the appliance was running during a high spike price time. They propose making it easier to generate one’s own electricity and selling that back to the national energy grid. There are a number of companies out there which are doing this in the UK.

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Weapons of Mass Destruction to be installed in South Korea

Nuclear SymbolNuclear weapons have been in the limelight today in two major nuclear related developments.

The Court of Appeal of the United Kingdom has ruled against war veterans exposed to nuclear weapon tests. The court found that the time frame had expired for the veterans to bring legal action against the Ministry of Defence for radiation exposure during tests which they blame for their health conditions. It is a failure of justice.

Further to that, in response to North Korea having an uranium enrichment facility, South Korea has announced that it is open to the possibility of the United States installing Tactical Nuclear weapons in South Korea.

Once again the United States would be going down a direction that no one wants. Demilitarization of Nuclear warheads not expansion of their nuclear arsenal.

The Koreans however have played down the comments declaring that the idea of nuclear warheads being positioned in South Korea is a taboo subject matter.

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British Forces to be Sold to the French Army

British Army PersonnelA century ago, the sight of the Union Jack rising over the horizon would have stricken fear into the enemies of the British Empire. Our military has a long tradition of being strong and well trained better than anyone else.

That all ends tomorrow however. Prime Minister David Cameron is to enter a 50 year Treaty with the French Government which would see our sovereign control over our own military dissolved.

Britain and France will share Nuclear Research and Development, Cyber Defense systems and next generation technologies that should be used to bolster Britain’s position as a world leader. The thought becomes more disturbing, when the realisation that by 2020 British forces might be using French Aircraft carriers to get to our destinations, or more concernley, the French might use ours – it is inevitable when we don’t have any aircraft to put on the new Aircraft carriers.

The modern Navy was supposed to be in a position of tactical and strategic power over everyone else, the Destroyers was the first in that generation of modern warship, the Aircraft carriers the largest ever built by the UK.

There seems to be divisions amongst the government over the plan; Government is sensitive to the fact that the deal would see our Special Forces in the command of a French General, or the fact that our Military actions would be dictated by the willingness of the French Navy to carry us there. Could we have retaken the Falklands without the Navy? I doubt it.

David Cameron however insists we will have much to gain from it. He neglects to mention what we can possibly get out of sharing everything with the French and really not getting anything back from it. The way I see it, we only benefit from the spying on French research facilities, we already know our Navy is technologically superior to theirs. The cost of the sharing of the research facilities however will come at too high a price. Oh and the French Aircraft carrier, it broke down on the way to the Indian Ocean, and these are the guys that are going to be keeping our future jets in the air? This sounds bad.


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Solar flare could plunge us into the Dark Ages

Satellite and SunIn a spectacular sign of wisdom, the Defense secratary has stated that Britain could be vulnerable from a Nuclear Attack. Well gee Sherlock did it take all your brain power to figure out that a Thermo Nuclear Detonation cant really be sheilded against? He continues to explain that the resulting ElectroMagneticPulse(EMP) would destroy sensitive electronic systems – well, yes we know this allready.

He compares the threat of a nuclear attack to the result of a super solar flare which scientiests at NASA belive could errupt in 2013.  He does raise some relevent points, more consideration of this threat must be made with the likelyhood being that should an event occur it is likely to cripple critical systems such as communications and power.

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Iran accepts Uranium delivery

Radioactive Hazard Symbol The state that has United Nations Security sanctions against it, European Union Sanctions against it and the general distrust of the entire world against it has an agreement with the Russians.

The Russians are giving Iran 162 Nuclear Rods for their nuclear reactor which should be completely setup in two weeks ready for service. This will not go far in reassuring the world that Iran can be trusted; they have already violated numerous times the UN Requests to cease purification and enrichment of nuclear material. The process of which could lead them to nuclear weapons grade plutonium.

Russia has objected to EU and US Sanctions above and beyond the UN Sanctions already in place. Surely however if a state is not to prepared to accept the will of the United Nations and the people of the Earth then they can not be trusted with what could lead to a weapon of mass destruction?

It is possible that the United States has taken a blind eye against the Russians in order to secure the Russian’s agreement to the UN Sanctions. This in its own right shows that not even the United States can be trusted despite their global efforts to police the world.

To raise suspicions even further, an Iranian nuclear scientist went off the grid for a few weeks. When nuclear researchers go missing I start to worry. He found himself in the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC, several thousand km away from his work. Iran has blamed the United States for capturing him against his will. He has right to leave the USA however. What has he been up to and where did he go?

In the Russian deal with Iran, they will be supplying the highly radioactive materials and will be dealing with the return of used nuclear fuel rods once they have been used up. Russia feels this should make the west feel safe. I suspect however it will make the world even more worried about Iran becoming a Nuclear Powered state.

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