British Forces to be Sold to the French Army

British Army PersonnelA century ago, the sight of the Union Jack rising over the horizon would have stricken fear into the enemies of the British Empire. Our military has a long tradition of being strong and well trained better than anyone else.

That all ends tomorrow however. Prime Minister David Cameron is to enter a 50 year Treaty with the French Government which would see our sovereign control over our own military dissolved.

Britain and France will share Nuclear Research and Development, Cyber Defense systems and next generation technologies that should be used to bolster Britain’s position as a world leader. The thought becomes more disturbing, when the realisation that by 2020 British forces might be using French Aircraft carriers to get to our destinations, or more concernley, the French might use ours – it is inevitable when we don’t have any aircraft to put on the new Aircraft carriers.

The modern Navy was supposed to be in a position of tactical and strategic power over everyone else, the Destroyers was the first in that generation of modern warship, the Aircraft carriers the largest ever built by the UK.

There seems to be divisions amongst the government over the plan; Government is sensitive to the fact that the deal would see our Special Forces in the command of a French General, or the fact that our Military actions would be dictated by the willingness of the French Navy to carry us there. Could we have retaken the Falklands without the Navy? I doubt it.

David Cameron however insists we will have much to gain from it. He neglects to mention what we can possibly get out of sharing everything with the French and really not getting anything back from it. The way I see it, we only benefit from the spying on French research facilities, we already know our Navy is technologically superior to theirs. The cost of the sharing of the research facilities however will come at too high a price. Oh and the French Aircraft carrier, it broke down on the way to the Indian Ocean, and these are the guys that are going to be keeping our future jets in the air? This sounds bad.


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