Iran accepts Uranium delivery

Radioactive Hazard Symbol The state that has United Nations Security sanctions against it, European Union Sanctions against it and the general distrust of the entire world against it has an agreement with the Russians.

The Russians are giving Iran 162 Nuclear Rods for their nuclear reactor which should be completely setup in two weeks ready for service. This will not go far in reassuring the world that Iran can be trusted; they have already violated numerous times the UN Requests to cease purification and enrichment of nuclear material. The process of which could lead them to nuclear weapons grade plutonium.

Russia has objected to EU and US Sanctions above and beyond the UN Sanctions already in place. Surely however if a state is not to prepared to accept the will of the United Nations and the people of the Earth then they can not be trusted with what could lead to a weapon of mass destruction?

It is possible that the United States has taken a blind eye against the Russians in order to secure the Russian’s agreement to the UN Sanctions. This in its own right shows that not even the United States can be trusted despite their global efforts to police the world.

To raise suspicions even further, an Iranian nuclear scientist went off the grid for a few weeks. When nuclear researchers go missing I start to worry. He found himself in the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC, several thousand km away from his work. Iran has blamed the United States for capturing him against his will. He has right to leave the USA however. What has he been up to and where did he go?

In the Russian deal with Iran, they will be supplying the highly radioactive materials and will be dealing with the return of used nuclear fuel rods once they have been used up. Russia feels this should make the west feel safe. I suspect however it will make the world even more worried about Iran becoming a Nuclear Powered state.

BBC News

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