Toxic fumes rise from the cooling tower but no one notices the dangerous Coal Power

Japan has seen itself hit with many problems all at once and despite what the media implies, they are doing a great job handeling three rare occurring that happened simultaneously. Critics have jumped on the bandwagon and are already claiming that the Nuclear Power station idea is insane. But really, if we step back and take a […]

The ents shall not go to war this day

In JRR Tolken’s Lord of the Rings after seeing the forest abused by Saruaman the Wizard, giant tree like creatures known as the ents rage war against him toppling him from his fortress.  It has echos of the government plans to sell off the forestry commission which has faithfully protected the remaining forests of the UK from activities that would […]

Cameron: I am the Law.

In a train of thought that disturbingly rings an echo of Chancellor Palpatine with his solemn declaration that he is the Senate in the final star wars film or third dependent on how you want to look at it, David Cameron has really been showing his true colours since taking power of the parliament. Justice, Legislative and Administrative, three […]

Its Official: UK Economy Down 0.5%, well done Conservatives

If you’ve been reading my blog, or for that matter really any political blog, you’ve undoubtedly seen the predictions of doom and horror for the UK under the Conservatives budget cuts of everything under the sun , and a little then. Statistics released today appear to have confirmed our worst fears, in the build up […]

Just how involved was David Cameron in the telephone hacking

Could David Cameron be trying to cover up his involvement in the conspiracy of the telephone hacking that seems to have spread through many senior members of parliament. Certainly if he was hoping to hide the whole situation it looks less than likely that he will be able to do so. Likewise the metropolitan police commissioner […]

Is the Irish government collapse a sign of what is to come in Britain?

Ireland is having a rough period it seems from financial collapse of the economy to the latest in a series of problems. The Irish Green Party has abandoned a coalition government which means the ruling party of Ireland no longer has a majority government. In a face saving effort, worthy of what Gordon Brown should […]

Fuel to rise, business to go bust, Government Happy.

Trains are overcrowded, late, and cant operate in the rain, snow , hail, wind or at least that is what Northern Rail wants us to believe. With the threat of a leaf on the track derailing a 100 tonne train it is no wonder people are turning to alternative means of transport. Despite the railways […]

David Cameron expected to confirm he’s ruined the UK Economy

<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-212" title="David-Cameron1" src="×202.jpg" alt="David Cameron British Prime Minister" width="300" height="202" srcset="http://www fr×202.jpg 300w, 460w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />David Cameron is expected to announce a number of radical points in a speech today. They cover reforms to NHS and education which Britain is in desperate need of. The reforms will […]

Her Majesties Head Could Come Off…

… the stamps of the postal service. You might not think that this is an important element of the post system but the main postal operator, the Royal Mail is a Royal service which is why Her Majesties head is on postal stamps. In the event that plans to privatize the Royal Mail are pushed […]

Iceland agrees to repay the UK for bank collapse

Gordon Brown once said: “We are facing a global financial crisis which is probably the first truly global financial crisis of the modern world”. A statement which went on to prove to be accurate with the worldwide financial system collapsing around us it is no surprise that commercial entities were forced to close their doors […]