Dog Attacks Girl Owner Blames games!

Dog  AttackA breed of dog which is a hybrid of the Old English Bull Dog (The aggressive one used in blood sports) and  a the huge English Mastiff, the Bullmastiff has characteristics of both types of dog – it is large and it can become an aggressive dog.

It is no surprise then that an unsupervised child in the same room as this huge aggressive beast could lead to the situation where said child finds they are under attack by the dog. That was what happened with Megan Walker.

Her grand mother blaming the attack on playing NintendoDog yet it is clear that if the dog had been muzzled to prevent attacks, the possibility of an attack on the girl would be limited to far less violent headbutting and cuddling.

Dragging the girl aggressively off the sofa and biting multiple times the dog managed to chew off the upper lip from the child. Luckily, the detached lip was put on ice and taken by police to the hospital where surgons were able to successfully reattach it.

When the Grand mother realised what was going on, she started kicking the dog and with the help of their second dog which also was attacking in order to  save the child. Given that claiming that it was the game’s fault that the dog attacked is mostly ridiculous. If the dog was provoked by sounds coming from the game then surely the other dog would have had a similar reaction.

Due to the dangerous animal status, the dog has been terminated.

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