MoD Security breach – Government in chaos

A police investigation has been instigated to search the Ministry of Defense in relation to a leaked letter from Liam Fox to the Prime Minister. In his position as secretary of state for defense, this letter which reportedly he was not copying anyone else in, represents a major security breach for a department that privacy and security should be a number one concern.

He raises concerns over the ability of the MoD to protect the UK and its interests which in its on right is concerning. If the MoD cannot defend us with what resources we have then surely we should not be facing war on so many fronts as we have. The first step of the government should take in this aspect is to withdraw troops from invasion forces across the world. Bring them home and start working on a program that would allow us to defend ourselves with overwhelming skill in the event of an attack against the borders of the United Kingdom. We must become a neutral state and forge strong defense ties such as with Europe and NATO.

Last I checked, the UK Military expenditure came second only to the United States. Even the mighty Russian federation spend less than we do! Great.

If the government is serious about making cuts then they must do this, if they are not prepared to become a neutral state then we cannot afford to cut costs on the military we need the technology to ensure the troops are safe and able to perform their duties.

The Telegraph

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