iPhone wont be tested for greenness

Iphone in GreenIn a green initiative by the mobile industry, ranking phones by how environmentally friendly they are, Apple has refused to participate.

Many other phones have been ranked, with Sony Ericsson’s Elm ranking at position number 1. Several phones weigh in on joint second place.

The survey requires that the manufacturer answer a set of 63 questions about the phone’s efficiency, manufacturer and a number of other points in order to establish how environmentally friendly it really is.

It seems it is not a straight foward process, the Elm mentioend above won its first place on the basis of eliminating the need of additional devices; GPS, MP3 Player and obviously it has phone capabilities.

My Suspicion is that Apple know that their phone is nowhere near an environmentally friendly or electrically efficient. Since they have refused to participate in this. A survey for O2 however was conducted which states that a major factor for mobile phone purchasing was the need of the phone to be environmentally sustainable.


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