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  • British energy strategy: Go Wind, Water and Nuclear

    British Energy Strategy is set for new Nuclear Power Over at the department of energy and climate change, the government boys must be buzzing with shocking¬†excitement. The new National Energy Policies have been laid down in front of parliament. The strategies which are looking to come into play seem to be quite promising for the […]

  • Ofgem investigates the power and gas companies

    It will likely come as welcome news to British Gas customers which has a draconian approach to customers. They tend to move magically the previous occupant’s bill over to your name and claim the lot. Which is why when I moved into my current property on day one I “used” ¬£200 worth of Gas and […]

  • iPhone wont be tested for greenness

    In a green initiative by the mobile industry, ranking phones by how environmentally friendly they are, Apple has refused to participate. Many other phones have been ranked, with Sony Ericsson’s Elm ranking at position number 1. Several phones weigh in on joint second place. The survey requires that the manufacturer answer a set of 63 […]