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  • Global strategic war declared on governments against Internet Liberty

    Recently I wrote about the UK Government’s refusal to upgrade the ancient obsolete browser known as Internet Explorer 6 and how they were citing Security reasons for remaining on the ancient browser. With the British government yielding the current Internet Villian of the Year, then they must be confident in their security. Lulzsec and Anonymous however may […]

  • Just how involved was David Cameron in the telephone hacking

    Could David Cameron be trying to cover up his involvement in the conspiracy of the telephone hacking that seems to have spread through many senior members of parliament. Certainly if he was hoping to hide the whole situation it looks less than likely that he will be able to do so. Likewise the metropolitan police commissioner […]

  • UK Government not prepared for Cyber attacks

    It seems that whilst London has been busy fighting over where money should be going they may have forgot there is a nation to run. This week has seen some serious warnings about the failings of the UK National security preparations. Government Communication HeadQuarters (GCHQ) director Iain Lobban has warned of a threat of cyber […]

  • High numbers of students turn to hacking

    In a survey conducted by Security Firm Tufin Technologies, it acknoleges that around 1 in 5 students are admiting to hacking. The real intresting question is, are the other 4 being honest? When I was in high school , I knew one guy whom would be considered a hacker. At college I did a small […]

  • Graphics card may be hacking you

    Research has been conducted which shows that the processing capacity of graphics cards has been eradicating the strength of passwords. The architectural design of modern graphics cards as a parallel processing unit has given advantages to the graphics card for brute force attacks on passwords. In 2000, the fastest supercomputer of the time reached a […]