UK Government not prepared for Cyber attacks

Cyber SecurityIt seems that whilst London has been busy fighting over where money should be going they may have forgot there is a nation to run. This week has seen some serious warnings about the failings of the UK National security preparations. Government Communication HeadQuarters (GCHQ) director Iain Lobban has warned of a threat of cyber attacks on the UK infrastructure.

A former advisor to the whitehouse working now at security firm RSA highlights that international efforts must be made to deal with the threat of cyber attacks. There are countries that still turn a blind eye to the activities so long as that they are being directed from outside their borders. These nations must deal with activities such as this – and I suspect these countries may belong to the middle east.

The house of lords have also held a debate for 2 hours into the subject of cyber defense. How productive that may have been im not sure, but the conclusion was that the Government needed to take action so even if they are clueless the right advise was suggested anyway. The debate came about as a result of an EU recommendation of an NATO-EU joint effort to protect member states from such threats. Of course, that was published in May, so its good to see the Lords are up to speed!


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