Children’s Data in Public Realm

Now we are slightly more than half way through 2010. In this year UK mostly government departments have lost significant quantities of data. The security levels of the UK seems to be at atrocious levels. The liberal democrats have initiated a Freedom of Information Request over the data that has gone missing. To the shock […]

Cameron shows his true colours.

“Benefit fraud and error is the one area of ingrained waste that outranks all others” The Prime Minister has been in office not even for a year and he’s already bringing in dubious acts and intentions that could seriously undermine confidence in the British Government which already faces problems with confidence after years of Gordon […]

Germany bans iPhone and Blackberry

The German government should be praised for taking the unusual step to secure its network. In contrast with the UK where government facilities seem to be losing confidential data left right and center. In essence the Germans have placed a ban on government use of the two major smart phone types the iPhone and Blackberry. […]

UK Goverment: Its ok to be 9 years old.

Once Again, the British Goverment is behind the times. In defience of the Internet, they will not follow the suit of technologically advanced civilizations such as the Germans and French by throwing Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6.0 out of the window. The browser that came out at the start of the century is in software […]