Children’s Data in Public Realm

Dilbert Data SecurityNow we are slightly more than half way through 2010. In this year UK mostly government departments have lost significant quantities of data. The security levels of the UK seems to be at atrocious levels. The liberal democrats have initiated a Freedom of Information Request over the data that has gone missing. To the shock of the general public the findings was significant.

Around 200 electronic devices have went missing in just 6 months. Works out as about 0.91 items every single day are lost by Government bodies. This level of loss cannot be accepted. The largest breach of security, perhaps not to anyone’s surprise came from the NHS. Specifically, Yorkhill Children’s Hospital which lost 20 PCs with confidential patient data. Surely with the loss of children’s personal information associated with that, the government needs to consider the issue of data security.

I would recommend that a high level review of all government agencies take place as a matter of urgency. Find out why so much data can go missing in such a short period of time and plug the problem before it gets worse.

I think now is time for the Parliament to realise the danger of the importance of data loss. People of the UK, stand forth and speak to your MP make parliament listen.



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