The Stig to be Unveiled

The StigTop Gear Driver, The Stig has became the center of a legal battle to begin between the BBC and Harper Colins an autobiography by the publisher is due to be released soon which would see the identity of the Stig Unveiled. So if you want to know who the Stig really is, have a look at what Autobiographies are due to hit the courts in the near future.

It is unclear if however the autobiography is of whomever is behind the masked driver or someone who knows him and it has inadvertently been leaked as part of the process of writing the autobiography.The secrecy surrounding the identity of The Stig has been one of the BBCs best guarded secrets. The previous driver in the guise of the Stig was uncovered. He consequently was dropped from the show and replaced with the new Mr Stig.

BBC insist that the knowledge coming to light would ruin the viewer’s enjoyment of the show, or more realistically, the identity of the Stig would lead to a drop in sales of The Stig’s memorabilia. Either way, the BBC is ready to put our cash where its mouth is as they spend likely millions in a legal battle. Surely, given that there has been a loss of The Stig’s secrecy previously it would be easier to let the information come out, and drop him from the show again?


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