Is the Irish government collapse a sign of what is to come in Britain?

Government ProblemsIreland is having a rough period it seems from financial collapse of the economy to the latest in a series of problems. The Irish Green Party has abandoned a coalition government which means the ruling party of Ireland no longer has a majority government.

In a face saving effort, worthy of what Gordon Brown should have done, the Fianna Fail leader and Prime minister has agreed to step down as party leader. He has however opted to remain as Prime Minister of Ireland until a general election – provided they last that long.

In response, Green leader Mr Gormley stated: “Our patience has reached an end”. Irish labour party has called for a vote of no-confidence later this week the result of which will likely cause a general election and a new government will be faced with many problems.

As part of a bailout for the financial troubles, the International Monetary fund and European Central bank has insisted the Government secure a substantial hike in Tax. If the government breaks up before that, negotiations may well need to begin once again to secure a financial bailout.

Comparing with the government back home, it is clear that a delicate balance between the Conservative and Liberal Democrats exists. The general consensus that most people voted against Labour rather than for the conservatives will not make the government’s position here any stronger.

In the event of a desertion of the coalition here, the opposition would likely be in a position to call for a vote of no confidence in the leadership here. The resulting general election would most likely swing back to Labour. The Liberal Democrats have a tarnished reputation mostly due to going against education like their pre-election promises.

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