Gagging order for UK News over wikileaks

The guys over at Wikileaks have done it again. Thousands of documents have been released from Diplomatic communications. However, the News may not be able to adequately discuss the matter, you see, Defense Advisory Notice has been issued meaning that the mainstream press can provide no published information about documents released by Wikileaks.

It is quite sad however. The majority of people who will be looking at this site will be mostly innocent civilians of countries some of the information isn’t even of a classified nature. It mostly is about diplomatic messages from embassies.

Some of the comments made by various political figures however do not paint them in a flattering picture. The criticism made by the United States most likely comes down to the fact they don’t want the responsibility and the accountability that one should expect would come as a result of their job as a politician. In a day and age where surveillance is the done thing , is it really unexpected that foreign political powers are likely to come into possession of the documents released. Politicians need to learn to be respectful and courteous at all times for they can never really know when they are on the record.

Naturally in the USA, they want to list wikileaks as a terrorist organization beliveing that they meet the criterior I disagree at best, they represent a political neuasance. US Foreign policy has for too long been a problem for the civilized world. I hear they called our Prime Minister a soft weakling or words to that effect. Does that mean that the United States is an enemy of Britain? No, after all, we reffer to him equally nastily! Its just the done thing in politics.


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