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  • United States should take responsibility for Wikileaks

    If Wikileaks has been acting like a terrorist organization it is most likely because the United States is trying to push the blame for the leak on Wikileaks. That is not however entirely accurate, we are referring of course to predominately United States Military and Diplomatic reports. They key word there: United States. United States […]

  • Prince Andrew laughs in life or death revelations

    Both Washington and London have declared that the release of documents from wikileaks are a massive threat to national security and could cost lives. But how realistic is this? Only a fraction of the documents have been released so far but what I have looked at hasn’t been exactly matters of life and death. Or for […]

  • Gagging order for UK News over wikileaks

    The guys over at Wikileaks have done it again. Thousands of documents have been released from Diplomatic communications. However, the News may not be able to adequately discuss the matter, you see, Defense Advisory Notice has been issued meaning that the mainstream press can provide no published information about documents released by Wikileaks. It is […]