Massacre on the grounds but at least David Cameron has a nice suit…

Syrian Boy carries Freedom BannerSyria is in the middle of a bloody uprising with Government forces using deadly force to stop it by whatever means necessary. In a sort of Ping Pong game, anti-government and government forces are blaming each other for the deaths of 120 security personnel. Anti government forces stating that they were shot by the government, and to no surprise, the Government has stated that the rebellious Syrians did it.

Conflict in the middle east has been growing this year, meanwhile in the rest of the World Politicians go about their daily business largely taking little or no interest in the events going on around them. European governments however have decided it might be time to act and are starting to take actions that might see a strongly worded letter being read out in the United Nations! After all, letters do go so far in solving the worlds problems dont they?

A United Nations Security Council Resolution may be veto’ed by Russia (no news there!) which really begs the question of why should a single country on the United Nations Security Council have the right to stop a Resolution when the overwhelming support of the council for the resolution is there. Possibly its time to see a shake up of the operations of the United Nations.


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