Democracy failing? Support for governments weakens

Is democracy failing? Democratic support for the government weakens

graph negativeDemocracy in the Democratic World

Is democracy failing or is it merely a calm before a raging uprising of a highly proactive generation of liberal democrats? In the UK there has been a generation of pro labour and pro conservatives. The last general elections saw an incredible level of young people turning up to vote and what a shambles that was. It quite possibly put a great many off voting at the referendum.

Opinions on the democratic government.

Having a look further afield, it seems that in Sweden, the Swedes may be having doubts about their own government’s capabilities and losing faith in the leadership. Their mistrust and faith of the government and its departments however is generally much higher than that of the UK. However according to a study done by the Swedish State Treasurer, faith in the government over the last ten years has been eroded.

Improvement of democracy.

Sweden is attempting to address these remarks, in a public consultation they seek to find out what the public opinion on how various different agencies are doing their job. This kind of information should be interesting to review and may be useful to be conducted in the United Kingdom. The results of which should be used to improve customer services of the government.

You might be thinking shouldn’t they be doing this already, and well , yes understanding the people you represent in parliament surely must be a critical importance to being a political figure. But alas, they do not do it that way here in the UK.




Massacre on the grounds but at least David Cameron has a nice suit…

Syrian Boy carries Freedom BannerSyria is in the middle of a bloody uprising with Government forces using deadly force to stop it by whatever means necessary. In a sort of Ping Pong game, anti-government and government forces are blaming each other for the deaths of 120 security personnel. Anti government forces stating that they were shot by the government, and to no surprise, the Government has stated that the rebellious Syrians did it.

Conflict in the middle east has been growing this year, meanwhile in the rest of the World Politicians go about their daily business largely taking little or no interest in the events going on around them. European governments however have decided it might be time to act and are starting to take actions that might see a strongly worded letter being read out in the United Nations! After all, letters do go so far in solving the worlds problems dont they?

A United Nations Security Council Resolution may be veto’ed by Russia (no news there!) which really begs the question of why should a single country on the United Nations Security Council have the right to stop a Resolution when the overwhelming support of the council for the resolution is there. Possibly its time to see a shake up of the operations of the United Nations.



Imagine a country where the voters didnt know who they were voting for

Second referendum in the history of the United Kingdom Takes place on May 5, 2011Quite possibly the most important feature of a democratic state is the power given to the people, a power so great that it helps shape the form of leadership and government that that country will receive. It is called, the Vote. This single instrument can shape victory or defeat for the political elite. It is a highly sought playing card by the political leaders of a nation and can lead to disaster if misused.

To think that this power could be misunderstood so badly by the people of a country that they do not even know who is to be voted for in an election is quite scary. With troubles in the middle east, you are probably thinking: “I know what country he’s talking about” and, you probably are right: England.

YouGov figures suggest in a recent poll that a staggeringly large population has not got the slightest clue who their local councilors are which is rather disturbing considering an election is just around the corner. As high as 80% of people can not even name a single candidate. It shows that the general public of England are pretty uneducated. This is worrying especially with the upcoming referendum to be had at on the same day.With great power comes great responsibility, it is the responsibility then of the political elite to educate the politically unaware of their campaigns and why the vote of power is so important to them.

Sit back and let whomever shouts the loudest win, in Germany it was Hitler, next time it could be Nick Griffin act now, get involved.

Remember, Yes is a positive word, No is a negative word, much like death. A vote of No to AV is a vote for Death to democracy in the United Kingdom. You alone can change that use the vote to bring around a modern era of democracy where you, the people of the United Kingdom declare in one loud voice we will not go into the darkness without a fight, we want the power to decide over our politicians, we want AV and we want it now.

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