Supercomputer says Chicken first!

Chicken comes first The UK National Supercomputing service, HECToR is perhaps more well known as being a top of the line supercomputer based in Edinburgh for advanced research. Working away on such projects as Quantum chemistry Cancer Research and other Modeling tasks.

In a joint project between Shefeild University and Warwick University aimed at study into the structure of egg shells, which they report as being incredibilly strong (despite shattering on the slightest fall.). They have came to the following conclusion:

The chicken came first!

HECToR spent weeks on end looking at what the chicken had to eat, and its enviroment to come to the conclusion that it is impossible for the Egg to have came before the chicken. For half of you, this should come as no surprise, the other half, we’re sorry but your wrong.

Chicken and EggPerhaps you are wondering what the point of setting a supercomputer up to discover the answer to this ancient question is? Well, the good news is the project was not really aimed at answering this, it was purely an accidental side-effect. They were looking to see if there was some way to replicate the egg-shell in a man-made way. They think that being strong and lightweight it would revolutionise things if a man-made equivelent was discovered.

The same process used to make the shell structure could have benefits in other sectors such as medicice since the process is similar to how the human body builds bones and teeth. So perhaps in the near future instead of doctors inserting metal rods in badly damaged bones they’ll use an eggshell.

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