Lord Kinnock on Lord Mandelson!!!

Well isnt that intresting, not long ago Lord Mandelson was featured here in his capacity of the Internet Villian of the year. Now a fellow Lord has lashed out at him too! Lord Kinnock whom was infulentual in Mandelson’s early career has implied that he is but a shadow of what he once was. Must be damning to hear that as a Lord.

Photograph of Lord Kinnock

Lord Kinnock, who employed Peter Mandelson as Labour’s campaign co-ordinator for the 1987 general election, said: “I take some responsibility for Mr Mandelson because I gave him his first significant job.”

He added: “And he was very good. I would say that at the time he came out of the top drawer.”

Mandelson was apparently responsible for the Labour Campaign at the General Election, which clearly did not go so well for them. Additionally the publication of his memiors apparently focus a lot on the rift between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Worried face of Peter MandelsonPerhaps in time he will be able to take a step back, think about his actions and perhaps put the intrest of the people of britain ahead of his own political agenda. Untill then we can only hope!

If you want to read more, it is getting serialized into the newspaper


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