BIOS obsolete – it starts too slowly

Picture of a MotherboardThe industry is set to make a shift away from the BIOS technology used to start booting a computer to a new technology which is expected to boost the boot time of computers. The new technology called Unified Extensible Interface (UEFI) began its life as an Intel technology but is now moving into a not for profit industrial forum for development and maintenance.

The new technology is expected to allow computers to boot at near instant speeds, some embedded computer manufacturers have already began moving to the technology. The technology from an end user point of view can seem to be no different, it still supports working with bios style interface although does allow for the use of graphical interfaces. Writing over at Intel, Brian Richardson suggests that your computer could be using the UEFI system without you even knowing!

The head of UFEI has informed the BBC that the BIOS system was intended for a short run of PCs – no where near the millions of PCs and Servers around the world we have now. It was a figure closer to 250,000 PCs they expected the system to be operating on. However 25 years later, and countless computers later, the BIOS has barely changed and it is blamed for the speed it takes to boot now – having to cope with new technology that did not even get thought of at the time of the first BIOS.

The new system will separate the hardware design from bios implementation. Although why you might want to connect your Mouse to a VGA port and monitor to PS/2 I do not know. But the principle is good.

BBC News


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