Copper Theifs in for Sticky surprise…

BT Cable uses markings to identifiy criminals BT’s network is a copper one for the most part although they are trialing upgraded areas with Fiber.  However the modern burglar has been watching the prices of metal apparently. According to British Transport Police, theft of cable has dramatically increased.

The damage caused by thiefs going after raw copper cable is in the millions Railway authorities estimate damage costs for the cable is worth £5 Million in 2009. The electrical sector estimate damages in the region of £4 Million.

With BT having their network effected too, they have taken actions to attempt to prevent future losses. They are utilising a marking technology, a liquid that coats the cable and under UV inspection remains visible. It also marks anyone interfering with the equipment. Therefore, can link a thief to the copper stolen which would allow a conviction. Like the railway sector whom have also introduced a tagging system called CabelTag by Tag Gaurd to prevent their losses.

Its called SmartWater, and is invisible to the naked eye. BT Said in April they started taking cable theft seriously, after the theft of 3KM worth of copper, leaving 1,400 customers of BT without service.


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