Should the BBC be allowed to Strike

BBC LogoHave you ever heard of a Government going on strike? I didn’t think so. Surely they should not be allowed to do so.  However the BBC wants to strike. We the tax payer pays for the entire organization even if we don’t use the services which they provide.

The BBC is in talks to go on strike during the Conservative Party conference due to start next week. Perhaps there will be more interesting politics coming out of that than came out of the Labour party conference that has caused chaos across Manchester this week.

Ed Miliband has called on the BBC to not cause a blackout of coverage for its viewers during this time. It is in the interest of fairness he states.

The BBC being fully funded by the state should be prevented by law from actually going on strike or as an alternative, we should get a refund of our TV License fee for the time they will be on strike. I am sure that the BBC will conveniently “forget” this idea however as they know we cant easily enforce justice against them.

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Plans to blow up Torries announced

IRA Explosion Brighton Hotel In 1984 at a Conservative party conference in Brighton, 5 were killed as a result of an IRA attack which saw an explosive device detonated at the hotel where the party were staying. Now the conservatives are back in power and the explosions are set to return.

Counter Terrorism and security expert Patrick Mercer has been informed by army intelligence and former senior police officers of the threat. It is his believe that the threat should be taken seriously of course, any threat of an terrorist attack on a government conference surely should be taken seriously?

The republican terrorist group behind the threat have plans to built up their activity base perhaps to get practice in blowing things up prior to the big day. However experts doubt they have the capability although they undoubtedly have the will to do it.

The party may have been behind an explosion recently that had no warning in Lurgan, County Armagh. They are in support of the Continuity IRA. It is also said that they are prepared to use any excuse to attack police and riot including the excuse of “its good fun”. A rather disturbing development.