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Afghanistan: Ten years later.

Afghanistan Ten years later.

Afghan army traineesAfghanistan War: The Reasons.

Afghanistan was declared by the United States to be harbouring terrorist as part of George W Bush declaration of your either with us our against us. This in the eyes of the United States gave them just cause to launch what has now became a decade long occupation of the middle east.

In two months it will be precisely 10 years since the joint armed forces of the United States and the United Kingdom despite widespread protest in international bodies declared war on Afghanistan.

Military Objectives


David Cameron target of taliban

David Cameron Official visitIn his first official visit to Afghanistan since taking up his role as Prime Minister, David Cameron was at the center of a security scare. Intelligence reports suggest that Taliban forces had been aware of where Mr Cameron was and which Helicopter to target that he was on board.

In response plans were altered to avoid any attacks against the craft diverting them to a new location. Now senior military figures are calling for a ban upon media reporting of the Prime Ministers activities whilst inĀ  war zones.

Surely it would be better to withdraw from the war zones and return to dealing with our own problems back home.

Security risks associated with our presence there in the first place could quite be the cause of the leak that lead to the Taliban being aware of the Prime Ministers plans. Each military base tends to employ local staff such as interpreters in order to communicate with the natives. These personnel are not either British or trainedĀ  military personnel. It would be quite easy for them to be intimidated into collaborating with the enemy as a spy.

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