Nick Griffin votes NO to AV, will you join him or will you vote for change?

Nick Griffin Votes No to AVWhat does Nick Griffin, David Cameron and Adolf Hitler have in common?

Thats right, they all supported first-past-the-post electoral system. They belive that a strong government where one party has most of the seats in the parliament is the only way to run a nation. Its true, Hitler had a very strong government, so strong in fact that anyone whom voted against him did not survive.

The No2Av campaign would have you belive that by voting for a new form of democracy, where the majority of people need to vote for their representative in parliament would only benefit the BNP. Why then is it that Nick Griffen as leader of the BNP is planing to vote no, along with the current prime minister?

The interesting thing about the split between parties of government is that senior labour political figures are on both the Yes and No campaign side. This is unprecedented in british politics – political figures that are standing up to be counted for something they belive in not the colour of the team they belong to. Perhaps the people of Britain might consider this when deciding where they should place their vote. After all, you wont be voting for the colours this time, you are voting to decide on the technical means of deciding who shall be elected as your local representative in parliament.

The No campaign have claimed that Clegg has switched side and suddenly now supports AV, naturally of course they have taken this completely out of context. He was likely refering to converting to proportional representation instead – AV is indeed a limited form of this so it is a comprimise either way its an improvement over first past the post.

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