British Navy cuts already causing problems.

HMS Astute SubmarineThe government’s cuts are already having negative impacts, rather literally.  Early this morning, the most advanced Nuclear attack submarine in the British Navy found that sacking the Navigation officer to save money doesn’t really help with the strategic placement of a nuclear power.

The submarine during its seaworthiness trials found itself ran aground. Exactly how one manages to crash such an advanced submarine that claims to be difficult to detect (well, when not parked on the beach!) is shocking.

The Navy has stated earlier that there were no casulties and do not expect any long term side effects (well other than the humiliation of a nuclear attack submarine being stranded within British waters).

The proposed cuts of 5,000 personnel from the navy perhaps aren’t truly to blame for this, but its never stopped people blaming the government for lack of funding before. Given that they are seriously crippling the navy’s ability to wage a defensive war on future attackers by limiting its resources its no wonder this kind of problem is likely to occur.

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