Tories Scrap Child Benefit to save money by replacing it with a new benefit

The government seem to be divided about what their goal is are they trying to save money or are they trying to generate a new welfare state? Either way its failing right down the middle. Critics of the plans to cut the child benefit have lashed out about it being unfair. Which apparently it is.

High income earners such as families earning £88,000 a year, if both parents work, will lose the child benefit. Single working families will lose out after the £45,000 a year mark. So now that the chancellor has saved all that money, David Cameron is stepping in as a knight in shining armour to save the work at home mothers from their distress of only having the husband’s £45,000 a year to spend (I wish i had that “little” ). So to deal with this huge deficit in over spending mother’s budgets, he will insist that a new benefit be created, I guess we could call it the Mother’s benefit that will provide them with extra tax breaks to cover up the loss of the child benefit.

So the government will cost £1.1 Billion to save £1 Billion

The Telegraph

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