Could an MP live on £3 a day?

With all the cuts going on with the current government perhaps they forget what living in the UK is really like. Who can blame them with their state funded mansions and country holiday homes and business first class trips all around the world ? I know I’ve adapted nicely to being paid more than minimum wage, and I don’t want to go back. But I have not forgotten the horror of the past I have came from.

The National Minimum Wage is to put simply a Joke. Currently set at £5.80. Lets break that down.

Gross Wage: £232 (based on 40 hours)
National Insurance: £13.42
Tax: £34.92
Net Wage: £197.08

Monthly Wage: £854
Rent: £400
Gas and Electricity: £100
Food and Drink: £200
Transport Costs: £100
Net Monthly Wage: £54

Now lets pay the council tax … err£100?

Monthly Spending Money: £-46

So we apply for working tax credits and council tax and local housing benefits, say £150 a month if we’re lucky?

So putting that into the equation our new monthly wage is £104 ,  £3 a day plus £0.4 that you can save up for a holiday on.

The so called benefits life style is really not a lifestyle choice , its more of a we’re over taxed and under represented by our parliament. Surely if the MPs believe that this is a fair amount they wont mind living off of that themselves? They can get a modest 1 bedroom flat paid for, with basic food and drink and a subway or bus pass to get to parliament and a £3 a day allowance for a year. I wonder how quickly there will be a bill brought to the house about a new rather significant rise in minimum wage?


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