Piracy off the coast of Shetland

Greenpeace PiracyAttacks upon ships in the waters of the north sea by the Greenpeace activists are nothing less than an act of piracy. Preventing a ship and crew from serving its duties is not going to achieve anything other than general distaste and distrust of Greenpeace.

They say that the oil company behind the ship is trying to make people think they are in danger but they really are not. In that case, the ship should set sail to its destination and drop its anchor when it reaches the destination. Surely if they are in no danger they wont mind the ship continuing to work with them in the way.

In the past, such attacks would have warranted a military response why should it change just because its Greenpeace? Their track record is not exactly one of an honourable organization. If they want people to move away from oil then they should take up more practical and sane means of achieving it. Start researching means to provide cheaper more environmentally friendly technology for generating energy. It should be noted that their own ship, is not an environmentally friendly one so by trying to prevent oil harvesting they are in effect trying to shut down themselves.

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