Independancy or Financial Assurance That is the Question.


Scottish National Party ConfrenceScottish National Party Confrence 2011.

This weekend, in Inverness delegates and interested parties of the Scottish National Party has been converging to discuss such things as party conferences discuss.

Independence Referendum

Independence is a core value of the Scottish National Party, what is not yet clear is if it is truly a core value of the Scottish People. The people are generally divided on the subject which will undoubtedly give the party a big headache in years to come. It has been decided that the referendum will be towards the end of the current government session. How they plan to address the risk of a referendum being unpopular is to introduce an additional option in the referendum; more power to Scotland.

Devo Max – Full Financial Stability.

Under the proposals, Scotland would gain complete financial controls over Scotland. From Tax to Grants everything would be controlled from Edinburgh. This is likely to gain popularity amongst those that do not nessesarily wish to see the Great Britain break up. A referendum that offers three options for such an important issue is not such a bad thing. Remember the referendum on the voting system – that did not offer three although by rights it should have, and such a referendum would likely have had a different result set.

This should even satisfy those people in England that feel it is unjustified that Scotland should spend money to give free education to Scotland (we like to have intelligent people). Of course what they do not realise is that it means the funds that would ordinarily end up in English control would cease to be shipped down in bulk to England.

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