Books just not what they once were

Amazon ebook reader Say Hello to Amazon’s Kindel.

Kindel is an ebook reader which looks much like any others. Its cheaper than the iPad, it has a long life, and it has access to, well, ebooks much like all the others that are on the market. But what is so special about this that puts it above other ones on the market.

The truth is, not really much when you strip ebook readers down to the core, they all are fundamentally the same. They have a screen to display text on, and usually some primitive interface to change pages or books. Theres nothing really beyond that.

Amazon have recently brought it to the UK market from the US where it had been performing tremendously well – outselling traditional books 3 to 1. This is grievous news for those of us whom prefer to have our book wherever we are and not require to be near a power outlet. Undoubtedly publishers will be watching this one closely being cheaper and a flagship product of a major book seller could see people start using it.

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