Army grinds to a halt.

British Army Personnel With enough medals on his chest to open up a musume, General Sir Richard Dannatt declared at an enqiury into the Iraq conflict that the deployment of troops between Afganistan and Iraq has stretched the British Army to breaking points.

The general had written to the Defense Minister, Des Browne to object to plans to deploy a task force to Helmand provice over his fears that morale in the Army was at an all time low and that it could lead to a resignation of personnel from the force.

He also points to a lack of helicopters to support operations on a multi-front war. Seems like once again it is a time to withdraw from operations of war and return to a neutral state. When we cannot afford to expand the army and cannot put the resources in place that they need to sufficiently carry out the opperations commited to, it leaves withdraw as the only practical option.

The Press Association

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