Can a universe be stored within a universe?

Can a universe be stored within that universe? Common logic might suggest it is impossible to store the entire universe within the universe. Lets for now ignore the logistics of how one could actually move the whole universe to somewhere within that universe surely it would be a circular logic. The origin of this thought […]

British Medical Association on Quality Premiums

British Medial Association does not trust Quality Premiums. British medial association and the NHS Reforms. The British medial association (BMA) has openly criticized the quality premiums section of the NHS reforms. They fear that the changes proposed by the unthinking government could be seen as paying doctors to not treat patients. The British Medical Association […]

Social Media Report Background Checks in USA

Social Media Background Check for Employers In the United States, a company setup ran by Max Drucker has been given the authority to use social media as a legitimate background check for employers. This poses a few problems for the general public and leaves the United States employment service open to a huge number of […]

Senior Aid to David Cameron meets Grim Reaper.

Grim Reaper Strikes Glastonbury – Political Aid to The Prime Minister Killed Suspicions are likely to be high amongst those that have found out. Death at Glastonbury but it is no ordinary citizen, the deceased was a freind of David Cameron and chairman of the west Oxfordshire conservative association: Christopher Shale.  He has been described […]

Facebook and how you can use it to make money

How to use Facebook to Make Money Facebook is big, Facebook is popular and Facebook is something you should be thinking about if you want to generate money. They say that finding new customers is hard, and I can sympathies with that feeling. However in the case of social networking, facebook appears to be doing very well […]

Whats aspergers syndrome got to do with it?

Why does the media concentrate on mental illness in computer crime stories? The BBC has posted an article relating to Lulzsec. The article is titled ‘”Hacking suspect Ryan Cleary ‘has Asperger’s syndrome’“. The question is, what does Aspergers Syndrome have to do with it? They seem to put an overly large emphasis on the fact […]

British energy strategy: Go Wind, Water and Nuclear

British Energy Strategy is set for new Nuclear Power Over at the department of energy and climate change, the government boys must be buzzing with shocking excitement. The new National Energy Policies have been laid down in front of parliament. The strategies which are looking to come into play seem to be quite promising for the […]

Democracy failing? Support for governments weakens

Is democracy failing? Democratic support for the government weakens Democracy in the Democratic World Is democracy failing or is it merely a calm before a raging uprising of a highly proactive generation of liberal democrats? In the UK there has been a generation of pro labour and pro conservatives. The last general elections saw an […]

Global strategic war declared on governments against Internet Liberty

Recently I wrote about the UK Government’s refusal to upgrade the ancient obsolete browser known as Internet Explorer 6 and how they were citing Security reasons for remaining on the ancient browser. With the British government yielding the current Internet Villian of the Year, then they must be confident in their security. Lulzsec and Anonymous however may […]