Commodore 64 back on shelfs

Commedore 64The Commodore 64 which became the best selling computer ever built in the world is due to make a remarkable return to the shelves. The all in one enclosed computer system is being retrofitted by Commodore USA.

  • Intel Atom 525 CPU
  • 4GB DDR3 Memory
  • 1TB Hard Drive
  • Optional BluRay Drive

The new PC64 as it has been re branded will come with the Commodore 64 case with everything built into a keyboard shaped computer system. However with the specs detailed above, it will weigh in with a lot more punch than the original. The new one will be around about 1,800 times more powerful than the C-64.

It has been suggested that they should include an emulator for the original C64 software and a license to use them entirely legaly. Given that the original owner has filed for bankruptcy many years ago it is a possibility that  this is feasible. However given the current corporate climate of suing everyone it is unlikely that will be the case to the disappointment of many no doubt.


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