Britain will not attack Syria

United Kingdom Will not attack Syria
United Kingdom Will not attack Syria

David Cameron suffered a set back in his plans to Attack Syria.

David Cameron was last night suffering from a massive defeat in the House of Commons. Having ordered MPs back for an emergency session, aimed at supporting British involvement in possible military action against the Syrian government.

There has been some harsh criticism of the government wishing to rush into Syria without learning from the last wars which we rushed into (Iraq, Afganistan).

With tensions high and to say the least the situation in the Middle East is less than clear cut, we should not be rushing in to any military action without having clear knowledge of why we’re doing it. Recently I read an article which tried to explain the middle east in a textual context. I converted this into a spiders web of a flow chart and I can assure you that from that diagram, it is most certainly not clear cut who is trying what there.

Metro, 30/08/2013.

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Afghanistan: Ten years later.

Afghanistan Ten years later.

Afghan army traineesAfghanistan War: The Reasons.

Afghanistan was declared by the United States to be harbouring terrorist as part of George W Bush declaration of your either with us our against us. This in the eyes of the United States gave them just cause to launch what has now became a decade long occupation of the middle east.

In two months it will be precisely 10 years since the joint armed forces of the United States and the United Kingdom despite widespread protest in international bodies declared war on Afghanistan.

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