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  • Virgin seen in suborbital space.

    Perhaps not quite the virgin Mary or an Angel coming down to see the minions on earth, but she is called Enterprise and under the watchful eye of Virgin’s chairman, Richard Branson, she made her first flight through the sub-orbital level of the atmosphere. Bringing space travel one step closer. The craft was taken up […]

  • Is the goverment slowing technology?

    I recently covered the state of the Internet report specifically how the UK did not make it anywhere on the top 100 cities and has a much slower average broadband than well pretty much anywhere. Compare it to cities such as those in Japan which has most of the top 100 cities and you see […]

  • Yet Another BT Price Rise [YABTPR]…

    Just when you thought that value for money was poor in the telecoms industry, especially in reference to the hated British Telecom, BT go and put the price up. That’s right, another hike in the cost of service from one of the worst telecoms companies in the world. Last year we transferred our phone line […]