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Just how involved was David Cameron in the telephone hacking

Police Commisioner and David CameronCould David Cameron be trying to cover up his involvement in the conspiracy of the telephone hacking that seems to have spread through many senior members of parliament.

Certainly if he was hoping to hide the whole situation it looks less than likely that he will be able to do so. Likewise the metropolitan police commissioner may want to keep his head out of the limelight for a while.

MPs are demanding an independent review of the police investigation which will most certainly ruffle some heads of the senior police and the heart of the government.

According Andrew Grice and Mark Hughes of the Independent, Son and Heir to the Rupert Murdock media empire, had a “private” dinner with Prime Minister Cameron. This just days after the Prime Minister striped Vince Cable of his power to decide upon weather James Murdock’s News Corporation to purchase the remaining 61% of BSkyB – which would give them total ownership.

The now resigned director of communication for downing street, Mr Coulson’s departure was hoped by many in the government that the whole matter would simply disappear.

The possible connection to the news empire and the prime minister could seriously jeopardise the trust and respect of the prime minister whom should have an aura of responsibility and neutrality about him.

The Independant