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Its fine to be gay, United Nations Declares Gay Rights Exist

United Nations Gay Pride FlagRepresenting the interests of the lesbean, gay, bisexual and transexual world, in an action which was proposed firstly by South Africa, the United Nations has voted in favour of declaring Universal Human Rights will without any doubt or prejudice shall apply universally to all regardless of their sexual orientation.

It means that the world now legally can be recognizable that discrimination to the LGBT community anywhere in the world is a violation of international law.

Its great news that it has finally became recognized at international level, however it is equally disturbing that the resolution was passed with a 23 to 19 with three absenteeism from voting. Which means in a worst case scenario it passed with a majority of merely one.

Many of the countries in Africa have accused South Africa of siding with the west, it is likely true that they have on this which I for one am glad to say they have the pressure that will be put on the rest of the African continent by facing the pressure of International Law when it comes to Human Rights will hopefully be intense. Over time, I expect the uncivilized lands will come to respect the dignity of human rights and will lead to a world in which people work to the betterment of the human race.

As a result of the resolution, the United Nations has commissioned panels that will look into anti-gay discrimination. It now means that discrimination cases could be taken as far as to the International Court of Justice.

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Blood Discrimination to be less discrimitory

Blood Bank opens for Gays that havent had sex in ten years.Ministers have been debating on a change, yes, its quite rare but experts belive they do work sometimes. Although much like the ents, our political wisdom does not do anything worth doing, unless they can spend a long time to do it. The donation of blood by gays has been offlimits for a long time citing HIV as a root cause of this. Apparently Westminister needs to learn to count but they are trying.

With 60% of HIV Positive cases being from straight people instead of gays, they have limited gays to give blood to prevent the spread of HIV to the general population. New legislation will see that gay people are welcome to give blood, provided they have not had any sex for ten years, after all, gay HIV only operates for 9 years then magically dissapears unlike the straight HIV which lasts forever which is why it is safer to be a gay man than a straight man.

Wait a second, that makes no sense, I can hear you screaming HIV is uncureable. Well, that may not be entirely accurate either but thats another story for another time. I completely agree it makes no sense what so ever but that is indeed how our government works.

Activists have welcomed the suggestions as an improvement in the legislation but it still lies far short of treating everyone equally.

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