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  • Fiber Optic plan down the Sewer

    Going down the sewer is a shitty business, quite literally. However a partnership between fiber telecommunications provider i3 Group and Wessex Water was going to at least provide the sewer system with high speed Internet. Specifically they planned on using the sewer system to roll out at a quite cost effective rate, fiber optical communication […]

  • Yet Another BT Price Rise [YABTPR]…

    Just when you thought that value for money was poor in the telecoms industry, especially in reference to the hated British Telecom, BT go and put the price up. That’s right, another hike in the cost of service from one of the worst telecoms companies in the world. Last year we transferred our phone line […]

  • High speed everywhere but here.

    Not too many years ago many of us were sitting starting at our 56kbps modems wondering if this dial up was the one that would get us connected. I remember the day when broadband was finally rolled out to my village, I was hung over and slept through most of the event. My freind’s dad […]