Fiber Optic plan down the Sewer

Sewer DuctGoing down the sewer is a shitty business, quite literally. However a partnership between fiber telecommunications provider i3 Group and Wessex Water was going to at least provide the sewer system with high speed Internet. Specifically they planned on using the sewer system to roll out at a quite cost effective rate, fiber optical communication systems. The trial that was looking to start in Bournmouth however that has been cancelled.

Wessex Water has stated that they have withdrawn from the proposed plan as the plan was not really in their financial interest or benefit. BT on the other hand have agreed to open up its network of ducts to allow competitors access to roll out their own networks. Something tells me this may be more to threats from industrial regulators than BT being good natured.

In response i3 Group has indicated that they think Wessex Water has been short sighted in rejecting the plan which would benefit albeit indirectly their own customers. Many companies, including Virgin media are looking for alternative ways to roll out services. Virgin recently developed a proof of concept over electrical poles system.

Wessex Water on the other hand have said that they are still open to negotiations and proposals from other firms that seems to be more in their financial interest so at least they are not outright rolling out the idea of cooperation with fiber roll out which should be encouraged at all levels.


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