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  • Is the goverment slowing technology?

    I recently covered the state of the Internet report specifically how the UK did not make it anywhere on the top 100 cities and has a much slower average broadband than well pretty much anywhere. Compare it to cities such as those in Japan which has most of the top 100 cities and you see […]

  • And the award for slow internet goes to Britain!

    Akamai has released its first quarter state of the internet report. The results are not encouraging for the UK. We have once again, came in extremely slow.With the South Koreans comming in at the top, our speeds are quite truely diabolical. Ofcom recently reported the average speed to be around 5Mbps , in the study […]

  • High speed everywhere but here.

    Not too many years ago many of us were sitting starting at our 56kbps modems wondering if this dial up was the one that would get us connected. I remember the day when broadband was finally rolled out to my village, I was hung over and slept through most of the event. My freind’s dad […]