Second referendum of the United Kingdom next month

Second referendum in the history of the United Kingdom Takes place on May 5, 2011You might be surprised to realise, I know I was, that a referendum has only taken place in the history of Britain. The Second one is due to take place next month which will see a decision being made on how we elect political figures.

Vote yes and you will declaring in the loudest voice in history, I want democracy in Britain.

Why should we change?

Well, have a look at the BBC Election 2010 Results. Put your post code in and see what the results are. Here our representative in parliament got a majority of 40.1% of all the votes – ie the Majority of us voted AGAINST the person representing us in the National Parliament. Surely then with such a huge percentage voting against the MP should not be there. Someone who is supposed to be representing their constituency surely must be representative of the people of the constituency they are representing?

I spoke with someone today who admited they didnt even know there was a refferendum comming let alone that it was such an important refferendum that will most likely be the most important vote that you will ever make in your lifetime. So on May 5th, get of your seat and tick the box for Yes. Make your vote count this time, and next time too , in fact, if you vote yes this time, your vote will count forever. You will have succeeded in helping bring Democracy to the heart of the United Kingdom.

The No to AV people will try to convince you that this change is not good for the UK after all parties like the BNP will get a higher position, well, you know what, BNP is already the 3rd largest party in some constituencies BECAUSE of the First past the Vote system. Think about that, at the next election are you going to vote For the MP you want to represent you , or against the MP you hate like they did in Barnsley recently leading to the BNP taking such a lead.

Vote Yes

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