Tunisia from an observers view

Tunisian FlagWe recently went on holiday to Tunisia, before the travel advisories were changed to recommend against travel to the country. So I now have my first two stamps on my passport, of course, naturally my passport expires in a couple of years so I will end up with one of those fancy shiny ones which means I can pass through the passport control quicker with those subway-style gates.

The riots currently going on about the President being corrupted I seem to agree with, he has huge photos absolutely everywhere across the country. There was a distinct air of corruption in the way affairs are handled within the country.

Market sellers are a major problem for the country and tend to hurt the economy significantly. They try to sell the wares they have at overly bloated prices to tourists but really they have no business model to speak of so they are not going to make a profit. With an ornamental blade and 3 T-shirts and a fake Armani belt, they wanted to be paid in the region of £350 with our “Special 50% discount” by being introduced by his Brother.

Of course, this 50% discount works out at 30%. We brought the price down to about 1/3rd of what they were looking for, however upon closer inspection after getting back to the hotel we really should have dropped that figure by a half again – the quality of the Blade’s Sheath was less than satisfactory and not to mention on the design of it, it was broken.

People are asking for money all over the place – some even without offering a product or service – some kids came up and asked for money. When getting off a bus on a tour we got thrown postcards and maps at us and they wanted money despite giving it back to him several times he still tried to get it out of us. In the desert we got given “for the group” an opened up bottle of Cola then after drinking it he looked for money – he never received it quite possibly he went home and rethought his business model!

So with the events that are going on there now, perhaps a general election will lead to a more progressive government and an era of change from corrupt dictators to deocratical government.

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